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Dedicated complex service algorithms, from inception to new dimensions.

Our Packages

With innovative developments, plans come to life.

In 3 portfolio segments and 9 service areas, we create personalized development solution packages for our clients. After analyzing your unique needs, shared data, information, and set goals, we treat your individual offer as a unique algorithm. This algorithm forms the basis of your comprehensive development package, with parameters, elements, and processes that efficiently serve your set objectives. Request your personalized offer or choose from the following business/project development packages below!


Success awaits!
For launching projects.
580 000 Ft Duration: 3 months
  • Branding and brand concept development
  • Basic business portfolio creation
  • Basic business model development
  • Mini visual identity, style, and design
  • Wordpress site setup + domain + hosting
  • Social media page creation
  • Ads strategy planning + campaign setup
  • Basic lead generation strategies


RESTART - Advancement Package for Existing Models
2 400 000 Ft Duration: 3 months
  • Everything from the previous package
  • Work process auditing
  • Selection of necessary IT tools (e.g., CRM, Mailer)
  • Data visualization for data-driven decisions
  • Rationalization of strategies
  • Social media strategy and campaigns
  • Leadership training
  • Business coaching
  • Network modeling


3 600 000 Ft -tól Duration: 6-12 months
  • Everything from the previous packages
  • Competitor analysis and building necessary tools
  • Integration of the latest IT technologies
  • Model rationalization
  • Resource optimization
  • AI solutions
  • Automation
  • Customized strategy development
  • International relationship building

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Our Packages

ProgressLAB E-commerce, innovative webshop solutions

ProgressLAB E-commerce offers advanced technology, optimized tools, and resources, and automation for innovative webshop solutions. Efficiency lies in the details. Reduced working hours, minimized costs. Rationalization of existing systems, implementation of new systems with the latest technologies. Custom webshop development and models.

PrgLAB KickUp

Success awaits, for startup projects
  • Basic business model
  • Mini branding, style, design
  • WooCommerce shop + domain + hosting
  • Main page + Subpages setup
  • Shipping + Payment module configuration
  • Social media page setup
  • Campaign strategy planning + campaign setup
  • Basic lead generation strategies
  • Statuses, Automated emails, Customer feedback setup
  • Basic SEO setup, Optimization, Lightning-fast webshop
  • Protection against load attacks, Cybersecurity

PrgLAB Assistance

For Businesses
2 400 000 Ft Duration: 3 MONTHS
  • Includes all from the previous package
  • Brand, brand concept
  • Establishment and optimization of customer service system
  • Integration of business intelligence tools (e.g., dashboards, reports)
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Product development strategy and roadmap creation
  • Advanced business model
  • DataStudio report creation (data visualization for informed decisions)
  • Security Package (Terms and Conditions, GDPR, Compliance with other regulations)
  • Enhanced lead generation strategies
  • Expanded SEO and optimization
  • Additional GTM tasks as needed (cart abandonment, loyalty, return, post-purchase phase)
  • Heatmap analysis, A/B tests

PrgLAB Apex

For those aiming high
3 600 000 Ft -tól Duration: 6-12 MONTHS
  • Includes all from the previous packages
  • Complete brand and design development
  • Customized marketing strategy, including a combination of digital and traditional marketing channels
  • Comprehensive business modeling, including long-term growth strategies
  • Tailored networking and community strategy
  • Full system and organizational optimization, including reviewing and improving all internal processes
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring, including leadership training
  • Integration with existing systems